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Director of Product Marketing at Skopenow

Keep them motivated, working on interesting things, help them continue their growth even if that growth means they're leaving the company. And the harder part in some ways... tell them your own aspiratations for growth and the potential for you to move up (and/or on) yourself. 

Vice President Marketing at

Honestly, pay them more. You can also look at getting them MBA interns for the summer, etc. Also, depending on how big your marketing team is, you can give them expanded scope outside of PMM, if that interests them. e.g. have them manage a couple copywriters who are contractors.

Head of Product Marketing at Square
Think about it the other way. PMM is one of the most cross-functional roles in a company. You are essentially quarterbacking the entire go-to-market efforts. The leadership qualities required to motivate people who don't report to you is arguably more challenging than direct people management. Wh...more
Product Marketing Director at
Product marketing doesn't get people management opportunities as fast as other functions, so consider supporting a move into another role. Many sales and marketing jobs will be appropriate for an experienced PMM, and will include people management. You'll struggle to retain the people who really ...more
Director of Product Marketing at PandaDoc
1. Give them interesting and stretching projects: from writing content to pricing and competitive intelligence. 2. Facilitate and incentivize cross-functional work: let them own and drive projects with other teams, e.g. customer sucess, bizops, etc – so that they learn a lot. 3. If you work for...more
Founder at BrainKraft

Improve their skills. Prepare them to replace you (so you can get promoted). Or prepare them for their next opportunity. Help them build their resume. Not only is it the right thing to do, it builds loyalty.

Head of Product Marketing, Advertising Cloud at Adobe
This is a great question. People are motivated by different things, and there obviously aren't people management roles for everyone (nor does everyone WANT to be a people manager). I think asking what motivates them is a great start, then here are some great, other ways to keep them motivated:  ...more