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Senior Director of Product Marketing, Customer Identity at Okta

I am constantly testing messaging. Any customer meeting, event or executive briefing I attend, I'm testing messaging in some way, even if it's not messaging that I'm actively working on. The most critical part of this process is to ensure you're leaving space for feedback and reactions or explicitly asking for it. One mistake I used to make when I first started as a PMM was to go into presentation mode and just barrel through a deck/pitch instead of adding pauses and deliberate questions throughout. As a result, when I build narratives, I think about questions I should be asking about and will bake those into speaker notes. I've also added random dots in presentations that only I can see as a visual cue to take those pauses. We oftentimes find silence is uncomfortable, but it's actually a friend of PMM because it encourages customers to fill that silence.

In addition, I also recommend testing messaging directly with your field and customers and looking for methods to test outside of your organization's typical customers/prospects. We will oftentimes do the latter using user research or advertising.

VP of Product Marketing at Unbabel
When: I like to think of testing in 2 stages. The first one is when you are just getting started and want to understand what are the big pain points you are solving for and what do customers care about. That is the first round of market research you will do to build your actual messaging. The...more
Operating Partner at Unusual Ventures (former VP PMM @ Okta)
Certainly when a new product has been defined, you want to get out and get a regular drumbeat of messaging feedback. When there are big new releases on features (eg: around the time of your annual keynote), it’s helpful to do a refresh. Or if a competitor has made a big move and you need to asses...more
Head of Marketing at Instawork
I find it helpful to test along the way and continue testing once it's released broadly. Unsurprisingly, we work closely with customer-facing teams, advisors, and internal teams as a starting point and work with them to roadtest. I'd love to say there's always a deliberate process, but sometimes...more
Vice President of Marketing at Albertsons Companies
I think you need to experiment and test your messages throughout the go-to-market planning phase, marketing research and development of your value proposition. We use multiple channels to test our messaging, Emails, In-App Messaging, Push Notifications, Text Messaging, Social Media, Performance A...more