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Director of Brand and Product Marketing, at Twilio

Messaging that speaks to everyone rarely speaks to anyone well. I’d prioritize your top segment to focus on, make sure your brand messaging resonates with them, and ensure your other customer segments can find messaging for them via pathing on your site or other targeted campaigns.

I've seen most marketplaces have their first message be targeted toward the demand side and then have the supply sides be secondary way at the bottom. 


If you're really supply constrained, you might change your focus there. You can see that Uber and Lyft's sites focus on drivers right now:

Sr. Director, Security Product Marketing at Microsoft
Great question! We faced a similar challenge a few years ago for one of our suite of solutions. It may boil down to how critical each of those three segments are to your business. Based on your question - sounds like all three are important (otherwise I'd recommend optimizing for the most critica...more
Group Vice President, Industry Marketing at Oracle
I assume by segments you mean industry/vertical and/or company size (SMB vs large enterprise, for example) - in that case I’d consider running methodical research work (see the other question answer on 4 recommended approaches) in different tracks aligned to each of the 3 segments, ensuring there...more
VP of Marketing at Qualia
When constructing your brand and messaging hierarchy it's valuable to have a 50 thousand foot view of the position for what your company represents, that helps anchor all of your audiences to what you do and what you represent. It also helps align the unique value prop for each audience to a cent...more
Director, WW Services Marketing and Portfolio Management at Lenovo
It is recommended to start with one segment to test/iterate, to completely understand the buyer needs/value proposition and then build messaging for the other two segments. If it’s not unique for each segment, then it will be hard to position one overarching message. It will be challenging at fir...more
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms
Work backwards. Develop very targeted (10,000 foot) messaging for each of the three. Then analyze those stories and find the idea(s) you can use to tie them together, or reconcile them with one another. That is now your 30,000 foot story. As far as the market is concerned, that's what you started...more