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Product Marketing Lead, Measurement at Facebook

I suggest that you start by taking a step back to really diagnose the problem. Why is it that the team wants to ship so many features? 

I try to always assume good intent. With that in mind, the team's actions are probably logical, but there is either mis-alignment on the goal they are optimizing for or the process that will best get to the goal. 

Start by getting on the same page about the goal. Do you have the same undersatnding of vision for the future of the product? Are you focused on the same metrics? Are you building for the same segment of customers?... Does the product team well understand that segment of customers? 

Once you're aligned on the goal, then align on what approach will best get you there. Why is shipping 3-5 features better than 20? What are the pros and cons of each approach. If you can tell a good story about why your approach is best to achieve a shared goal, you just may change their mind.  

If the root cause is that the product team doesn't understand the segment of customers well enough, that is great signal that there is need for research or a customer immersion. Consider getting your product team in front of your customers so they can hear first hand what their needs are. 

Head of Product Marketing at Zapier
Whether you're trying to improve the relationship with the PM or to advance the conversation with their boss/leadership per Mike's suggestion above, you can make a more effective case if you're able to bring data to the discussion. First you need to be able to clearly articulate customer probl...more
Head of Product Marketing at Quizlet
Yes! I can relate! Feature-level messages are so limited on the marketing side. Part of your job as PMM is help recommend the best way to 1) connect features benefits, 2) roll benefits into value props, and 3) provide positioning statements for your target markets.  PMMs can take the lead o...more
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks
You're basically asking how to get PM to do their job. It sounds like the PM in your example just lacks a fundamental understanding of that they need to do. That's a HUGE issue. My advice? Forget about the PM and look at his/her boss and the CEO. Is this a systemic issue with the company, or is m...more
Vice President Product Marketing and Operations at Snow Software
The job of Product Management should be to focus on solving customers problems not simply shipping new features no one is going to use.  If this behavior is isolated to one Product Manager, then I would work closely with that PM to understand the key metrics of success for that feature which s...more
The Product Manager's job is more than that, but you are right. We have to focus on consumer problems and solve them. However, we have a massive list of problems and bugs to fix and prioritize based on business growth, data results, and features that directly impact the goals. You can try to ask ...more
VP Product Marketing at OnPlan
Based on the question, it sounds to me like your product management team isn't thinking very strategically. Perhaps they're not close enough to customers, or they're too close to a select few, who have taken over the roadmapping process for their own needs. I'd encourage you to try to translat...more
Founder at Enablix
I agree with Mike's answer here. In many B2B organizations, a Product Manager is synonymous to a Release Manager. And in these environments, the product teams are not communicating to sales. If that is the case, it will be difficult to change that culture.  The best way to cut through this is ...more