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Head Of Product Marketing at SignEasy
Depends largely on how long the company has been in business and how many products it has in market. Brand positioning or purpose are useless if they haven't been validated in the market, and counterproductive if they no loger reflect the future of the company, so be careful relying on them (for ...more
Head of Marketing at Instawork
To build consistency, it's critical that everyone in the company believes and uses the brand positioning and mission. For example, at Instawork, our CEO walks through it at every all-hands and uses a recent customer example to highlight how we've delivered (or failed to deliver) on our value prop...more
Head of Product Marketing at
Yes - I think there are 3 things you need for good messaging: 1. A clear understanding of who you're targeting. The target persona, not the vendor is the "hero" in your story. Product marketers too often make their product or company the main character. 2. A clear understanding of how ...more
Director of Brand and Product Marketing, at Twilio
You asked exactly the right question as the best messaging is all three (consistent, creative, and differentiated). Getting there isn’t easy. I try to break it down step by step. I start with differentiated. What’s different about us that’s valuable to our customer? Then creative: how do we expr...more
Founder, RocketBlocks at RocketBlocks

This is so good - I lol'd very hard first time I saw this billboard. fun to hear more of the context around it

VP of Product Marketing at Unbabel
I did an AMA a while ago that went into detail on how to build differentiated messaging - this talks about a 7-step process that I have created and adapted for use over time with different companies I have worked for.  You can read more about it here:
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
We have our brand messaging and corporate messaging which ties to our company purpose and we use it as our north star and map all related messaging to that. It’s important to work in an integrated way so that messaging is consistent and aligned across the company and the products we sell. We spe...more
Head of Product Marketing at Canva
I do believe in having a north star to help guide all your messaging. Having a clear brand and positioning DNA which is the overarching narrative for your entire company, will help ensure there’s consistent messaging across the entire business and that all positioning is helping tell your company...more