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Director of Product Marketing at HoneyBook
Ah, that's the million dollar question. At the beginning of each half we align with the leadership team which features and projects we're going to work on. This helps set expectations. Then I socialize with PMs what PMM is working on, which usually includes other projects besides feature launches...more
Product Marketing Director at
This is a great question. I have at least a half-dozen executives whose interests I seek to manage with my workstream. I keep a running list of my main projects and bring it with me anytime I meet one of these execs. I show my priority among them which is driven by immovable dates on the calendar...more
Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Cloud at Atlassian
We do this in our team at Veracode! So we actually operate in a SCRUM/Agile fashion, with 2 week sprints. We point all of our work, and plan for an 80% capacity. This ensure we have time to drive ad-hoc requests and return immediate value to the business when they come up. In the event that we do...more
Global Director, Business Strategy and Comms at TripActions
This is a tricky one because you need to prioritize your work and hit your goals. At the same time, you want to be flexible if new projects come up that supersede what you’re working on.    There are ways to ensure you arrive at the best decision for the good of the company. At the end of the day...more
Product Marketing at DocuSign
That’s always a challenge in a resource-constrained world! My goal is to spend 80% of time on 1-2 big strategic projects, routine launches, process improvements, and leave 10%-20% of time for ad-hoc requests which I’ll prioritize based on some combination of interest in problem, development oppor...more
Head of Product Marketing at Zapier
I think a lot of it has to do with a combination of setting expectations and being realistic that important ad hoc requests will -- not might, but will -- come up.  The most important time to make sure you're in that mindset and proactively communicating with your manager, team, and stakeholde...more
Director of Product Marketing, Udemy for Business at Udemy
Great question and something I deal with on the daily!  Ad-hoc requests:  * Set expectations: Be clear with the requestor on timelines (why you can't get to it immediately, etc.) and try to let them know when you can get to it.  * Gauge importance of the request. If it's HIGH priority fo...more
Student at UW

Who's been your favorite stakeholder throughout the years?

Vice President, Global Enablement at Salesforce
So I use sprint planning for business. When it works well and we're compliant, it works beautifully. Here, we break our work into two week sprints and continously prune backlogs and review ad hoc requests. We also try to allocate 'white space" within the two week sprints for things that may pop u...more
Director of Product Marketing, Dropbox Core at Dropbox
I speak to this a bit in the question above about burnout. The quarterly planning process is critical in order to set expectations up-front about what product marketing can and cannot tackle. Ideally as part of that process, each PMM leaves a bit of capacity unaccounted for (my goal would be 10-2...more