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Director of Product and Customer Marketing at CallRail
We work with our Product Team in three key ways: 1. Competitive intel. PMM's own all competitive research and documentation, and we make sure the rest of the Product Team - dev's and especially PM's - are in the know whenever a competitor has changed their messaging or released a ne...more
Head of Product Marketing at Quizlet
We have a product pod structure at Quizlet. Each product pod has 1-2 very clear business goals and usually owns certain product lines or domain areas. Every pod has a PM, a PMM, a designer, a product analyst, a product support specialist, an engineering manager, and an engineering team.  This ...more
Vice President, Marketing at Level Ex
Very closely! We sit together, work together, debate together and ultimately take shared ownership and accountability over each strategy. As Director, I am a stakeholder in the roadmap meeting to discuss prioritization of key feature development based on my perspective of the consumer needs. Ea...more
Head of Product Marketing at Forethought
At Forethought, product marketing works very closely with the product teams to bring products to market. I hold regular check-ins with product marketing and the Head of Product, as well as separate check-ins with individual product managers. These check-ins enable us to: - Align on product strat...more
Director of Product Marketing at Wealthsimple
I believe most organizations product marketers are leverage as either Inbound PMMs or Outbound PMMs.  Inbound PMMs are focused on insights that feed the product roadmap; pricing and packaging, and product positioning that feeds into the marketing strategy.  Outbound PMMs are focused on go-to-ma...more