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Director Product Marketing at Salesforce

This is a classical problem for many developer-first companies. Without mentioning names, many have successfully figured out the working model with both strong developer engagement alongside a thriving enterprise revenue stream. Learning from these companies, they always focus on the developer success by doing things such as corporate hackathons, architect support, engineering blogs, etc. that helps to build advocacy for their products. It will be hugely beneficial if the sales enablement programs can incorporate a developer-first mindset by acknowledging that developers are the key influencers in the sales cycle. That will then navigate the sales conversation away from selling towards minimizing the friction in the sales process.

Developers use your tools for speed and scale to solve their problems but as the company/usage of the product grows, enterprise buyers ask for justification/business value for these products. As a developer product marketer, in addition to educating developers, you have to enable the sales enablement teams to engage in value discussions to justify the premium compared to DIY from the open-source distribution / low-cost providers.

Head of Product Marketing, Jira Align at Atlassian
When selling to developers your enablement activities are likely to take on a different focus so that the team understands how to engage in a discussion and build a community while keeping their sales pitches locked in a drawer.  It will also require in-depth technical enablement and understan...more
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Twilio
I love this question, <3 Developers! The fundamentals of sales enablement dont change, it's more the way you communicate the needs of your audience to your sales team that changes. If we unpack developers and what they want, then it makes it really easy to figure out how to approach sales enablem...more
Product Marketing at Okta
Great question, something I think about a lot. I’m a huge proponent of specialization with technical products. I wouldn’t expect every member of our enterprise field organization (which is in the thousands) to be able to carry a highly technical conversation from end-to-end, nor would I want them...more
Group Vice President, Industry Marketing at Oracle
Selling to developers can be difficult, often because they have a ton of say over the decision but not explicitly the budget, but marketing to developers is simpler than people think. Quickly and concretely explain what your product does and how it works/fits in with other stacks (as much as deve...more
Head of Marketing at Transform
B2d follows a whole different motion. A developer is not eager to talk to Sales (and they don't want to be sold to). Developers want to try out the product themselves, tinker with it, and only if they enjoy the experience (or get to the aha moment) will they evangelize the solution up the company...more
Product Marketing Lead at Observable
I love this question. First, I would say to save your company's BDR/SDRs time and avoid trying to set up calls with developers. You'll avoid a lot of frustration on both ends. Gating content content from developers and forcing them to fill in forms might give you a short term bump in leads, bu...more
Director of Product Marketing at dbt
It depends a bit on how your sales team is organized today. But in any event, your product value pillars should always translate to both individual and company-wide gain, so your core message is always consistent, even if the language changes a bit to accomodate the audience. You might consider a...more
Product Marketing at Hedera Hashgraph
Background: Worked as a Community Manager and Product Marketer for an open source database software company DataStax; we sold a proprietary version of the open source database Apache Cassandra, targeting the developer and administrator personas. Developers are experts at searching for informa...more
Product and Marketing Guy at Greg Meyer
Sales enablement changes when your company is "business to developer" to point at a different stage in the funnel: the charismatic, knowledgeable developer who probably already has a solution.   When you are pitching to developers it helps to build a scientific, clearly logical and reasoned cas...more