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Senior Director of Product Marketing, Customer Identity at Okta

There is a process to messaging and I think many folks are overly focused on the last step which is the final translation to words. I actually think this piece is the simplest of all the steps so I don't spend a lot of time looking at documented work when I interview product marketers. What's really important to me is understanding how a candidate thinks about and navigates the process itself. How does someone internalize the needs of the customer and market dynamics. In many ways, this is more about understanding how someone synthesizes data (both qualitative and quantitative) and builds empathy for their customer. I also look for candidates that can tell a cohesive narrative about their own career choices to date. After all, if you can't tell me a compelling message about yourself, you're going to struggle when it comes to B2B.

For success metrics, I primarily look at usage in the field. How many downloads and views is your messaging getting? If you have landing pages or blogs with the message, how do those metrics compare to others on your website? Lastly, I take a lot of qualitative feedback from customers and our field on messaging. This is more difficult to show leadership but is the best internal measure for if it's working or not.

Head of Product Marketing at Narvar
The success is positioning is about proving that your work made your employer known for something in the market.  One of the most common ways PMMs do this is by showing how they get the company a top quadrant or wave leader spot with Gartner of Forrester respectively. Nowadays, G2 reviews and ...more
Director of Product Marketing at Iterable
I think it’s hard to showcase messaging in an interview unless you’re specifically bringing up documented work. At HubSpot, we like to give candidates an exercise before an interview that typically ties into positioning and messaging. Oftentimes this exercise will tie back to a recently released ...more
Director of Product Marketing at Klaviyo
Make sure you talk about the process! That includes:  * What was the existing state when you started (i.e. messaging didn't exist, it did exist but it was falling flat / was outdated, etc.)?  * How did you go about developing the messaging (i.e. what inputs did you use)?  * How did you ...more
Director of Product Marketing at LogDNA
When I am looking for messaging and positioning validation from outside the org, I find that people engage more with a story than with a static framework. And as far as stories go, everyone much prefers pictures to reading dense Powerpoint slides! To that end, putting together a solid "marketect...more
GTM Lead at Benchling
Love this question!  Obviously, always protect your employer’s confidential information. However, if you have done your work correctly, your messaging will inform all of the material and content you’ve developed. It would be reflected on your website, on your datasheets, on other public-facing ...more