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Director, The Jay Hurt Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Davidson College
Hi all - great to be with you here today live from my home office and spinning vinyl on my turn table as I answer your questions! In terms of sweet messaging templates, I generally go back to the Crossing the Chasm standard mad libs version: * For __________________________________________...more
Director of Product Marketing at Brex
At a high level, for product messaging, you should have these things: * Elevator Pitch * Unique Value Proposition * Competitive Positioning * Supporting Proof Points For persona messaging, add: * Buyer Personas/Ideal Customer Profiles * Top Use Cases For Elevator Pitches, I like to st...more
Vice President of Product Marketing at Workato
Here are two I posted earlier in this session. Positioning Statement - this is typically the foundation of any product/GTM positioning. * [Target Customer] For: describe who you're targeting your product at * [Statement of need or opportunity] Who: describe the pain or opportunity you're o...more