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Head of Marketing at Transform
Considering your limited bandwidth, it is challenging to go broad. So, the answer, in my humble view, lies in "focus". When I think about competitive analysis, I usually think about one competitor that I call the "Next Best Alternative." The next best alternative may not always be a competing ven...more
Sr. Director, Product Marketing at HubSpot
If you are one person it is all about ruthless prioritization. That is the one thing that will make or break you and your efforts.  Through feedback from the team and from any data you might have, zero in on the core competitors (and restrict that number based on your bandwidth) that are going...more
VP - Product Marketing, Content Marketing, Pricing at Datasite
Given that you are resource constrained I would highly recommend you explore using CI software. There are a few out there. Do a little research. For $20k you can be up and running. Team up with Sales to fund it. In PMM you dont always need to own everything. You can have can also impact by facili...more
Director, Product Marketing at Coupa Software
Great competitive analysis comes from access to the right information, meaningful insights into the data, and addressing the needs of sales in real-time.  From an information access perspective, it's important to find the right sources of information first and to do this efficiently. This shou...more