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Director of Marketing @ at Privy
Depends on your business model. If you're in SaaS and selling monthly contracts, do more launches regularly to keep your customer engaged "look at this new thing we just built for you." If you're an enterprise sales motion, selling annual contracts this might not be as important for you, but capt...more
Chief Marketing Officer at Zeplin
First, I would start with the customer in mind, develop a clear understanding of who they are & what they care most about. If your target customer is an IT Leader in a large enterprise, they might be more open to regular updates & even expect them from their vendors. At Microsoft, we would send w...more
Product Marketing Director at Slido

Naman, Thank you for the LTF explanation. 

Consumer Product Marketing Lead at Coinbase
There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here, so when making this decision at your company, leverage a key PMM superpower: start with the customer, gain an understanding of their needs, and the rest will follow. For example, as part of a continuous feedback loop with customers, you can ask questions ...more
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
Good question! A lot of this nuance comes from what stage you're at and the type of excitement you're looking to drive. A steady drumbleat of regular product launches keeps momentum up - helps shape an ongoing story, and can build excitement up for a big launch. I generally prefer the big splash....more