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Head of Marketing at Woven
Apply agile sprint thinking to launches. You can do this by creating themes just like agile has a sprint (my team is moving to quarterly message themes). These themes encapsulate at a high level the features that the product team is working on.   This approach has a couple of benefits. First, y...more
Head of Product Marketing at Quizlet
I would bake in as much buffer time as you can in your marketing timelines. If they have a track record of not shipping on time, I'd start assuming that. If your product partners get upset about that, explain the marketing dependencies that you can't deliver results when timelines are always in f...more
Head of Product Marketing at Calendly
It's very common -- particularly in modern software companies -- for product teams to move timelines based on engineering constraints, customer feedback in the beta-testing process, and more. All product marketers wrestle with this situation. So, realize you're not alone! I recommend explaining ...more
Director of Product Marketing at Iterable
This can be a huge challenge, and I certainly feel for you. Overall, I think it comes down to open and transparent communication between Product and Product Marketing, and the organization at large. Overall, I think there are a few things you can do to get ahead of this: 1. Transparent Roadm...more
Director of Product Marketing at dbt
Same! In my case, I was also dealing with phased launches--bits of the solution released every few weeks. And I understand why–when you're working with a developer audience there's less appetite for a big splashy release, and more interest in a phased roll-out of a given feature or product just t...more
Director of Enterprise Product Marketing at Amplitude
The misalignment comes from what product GA means versus what marketing GA means and confidence level. And this alignment should come from the top—Head of Product and you, with the support of the entire GTM team and executive. Establish two definitions for GA, and align on confidence levels for e...more
Go To Market Lead, Payment Intelligence at Stripe
Your product team is not unique! I've never heard of a product team that sticks to deadlines exactly. The best lesson I've learned on how to mitigate this in enterprise software is that you can launch a product many times.  There are different ways to do this: pre-announce at your conference w...more
Head of Product Marketing at Narvar

"Stop thinking of product marketing as just launching new products, and start thinking about it as turning company strategy into revenue growth, and you will find many things to communicate." +1

Director of Product Marketing at Sentry
This is pretty common. In my previous life as a PM and now as a PMM, I don’t try to manage the product team and the schedule. I try to get ahead of these challenges by announcing new capabilities while they’re in development and positioning it as “coming soon”, then continuing the drumbeat all th...more
Director of Product Marketing at Wealthsimple
Working from a place of positive intent, some R&D teams may not realize that launch activities are as much work at building a new product/feature. They don't see all the planing and activities that go into it.  Whether or not you have program managment function: build a clear project plan for gt...more