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Head of Marketing at Vowel
In a previous role, it had been awhile since the team I was working with had shipped anything. We were heading into the holidays and I was starting to worry about demonstrating momentum, especially as our sales team worked to hit their quotas. A ton of small features were in the works but nothing...more
Founder and CEO at Sharebird

+1 on being that grounding voice of the market! Also, 12 features in 12 days in December sounds stressful and amazing :)

Head of Global Product Marketing at Airbnb
SUCCESSFUL:   - At Bluestacks in 2011, we were gearing up to launch software that let you run any Android app on a Windows PC. I had letterpressed wedding invitations made for the union of Android and Windows and sent them to around 100 thought-leaders in tech including Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, ...more
Head of Product Marketing, VR Work Experiences, Oculus at Facebook
Success = Changed the behavior of the customer to embrace the transformative shift. For every successful launch, we were able to change the behavior of the customer, and the customer created a habit to use that experience.  We think about metrics that will show a behavior shift of the custo...more
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
One of my favorite activations that we did was super early on Uber Eats was we produced a bunch of fortune cookies with fun fortunes and promo codes in them. Then we distributed them to drivers to give to passengers in the back of their Ubers. The idea was to help convert Riders to try Uber Eats....more