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Director of Enterprise Product Marketing at Amplitude

I am going to answer this question as a former sales person plus as someone who produces content and train sales on new messaging. Sales people will listen to you if (1) they feel that you can help them close deals (2) you understand their painpoints as a sales person. So two things that I have done, which makes my training effective. (1) I make it a point to join calls as a silent listener, and when I train a team on some new messaging, I would reference the call that i attended as an example on how / why new messaging might be more effective on said call. A complimentary approach to being on calls is to leverage and befriend a top sales person and work with them on the new messaging. Have this person to test new messaging and work with them till they are successful. Then leverage them in training because reps will follow the rep that closes the most deals. 

Head of Product Marketing at Zapier
Man, I love this question! As PMMs so much of our work only has impact if it has engagement from others, and the only way to get that engagement is by having credibility in the organization. This won't be a perfect list or exhaustive, but some things that come to mind are: * Take the time to...more
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Eightfold
This is all about relationships, credibility/expertise, and your ability to help sellers. Once you can demonstrate that you can help them by bringing your perspective to what they're doing to make them smarter, more consultative, more well-informed, etc., the more they'll trust you and the better...more
Senior Marketing Manager at Crayon
These are all great answers. To add just a little bit to Gaurav's helpful points of consistency and ease... Consistency--keep content updated with market and competitor movements. Did a competitor change pricing? Launch a new product? Change the messaging on their product pages? If you're trac...more
Head of Product Marketing at Scale AI
Well, it’s difficult to “ensure” that anyone is going to use any set of materials. I would look at it from the point of view where PMM's job is to create messaging and materials that sales would want to use.  Understand/Build your Voice of the Customer  To build initial credibility, it’s ess...more
Head Of Product Marketing at 3Gtms
Meet them where their difficulties are. What, in their minds, is preventing them from closing more, bigger, faster? Maybe you know that messaging is the issue, but until you actually sit with salespeople and understand where they feel their own gaps are, you won't be able to translate that messag...more
Sr. Director and Head of Product Marketing at Gem
The best sales reps I’ve seen rely on people and resources across the company to win deals, but these same reps are also very particular about the materials they use and the people they invite to meetings. This attention to detail in the customer experience is what drives their success. The mill...more
Founder at Enablix
In addition to David's answer, I will also add the following points that should help build the credibility.  Consistency You want to continue to deliver fresh content consistently. Consistent doesn't mean high quantity. But you need to follow a consistent cadence. Too many times, marketing wi...more
Chief Buyer Advocate at B2P Partners
Great question - great answers. Dave Kong started us with a super framework. As you know, this is not a trivial issue so I would like to add a POV to these answers. (Full disclosure: I am sharing what I have seen as head of a B2B buyer strategy firm. I am so passionate about this, we created an o...more