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Senior Product Manager, Enterprise Cloud at Atlassian

I was lucky at the beginning of my PMM career, because I got into a pretty solid group that understood exactly what PMM did and didn't do. But I think my advice to people would be to really understand and grasp the craft of product marketing. We're not just writers - if we wanted to do that, we would have been writiers. Be a product marketer! This is someone who understands the target market (segments, buyers, changes, competitors), understands how people purchase your product in that market (all of the departments involved, people, time frames, purchase processes), understands the product technically (what does it do and what does it not do, be able to actually demo the product), have a solid go to market strategy, know how to launch different product types, and then be able to wrap all of that into cohesive messaging that positions that product, to the right buyer, in the right market, at the right time. Too often PMMs tend to focus in on just ONE of those areas, like writing messaging that they "think" sounds right, without having done any work to back it up.

Director of Product Management, Speech AI at Cisco
This is an interesting question. It really depends on the size of the company where you join. I switched to product marketing after almost 9 yrs in engineering including a MS in computer Engg. I had spent lot of time in the labs in Cisco to the point I think my hearing is partially damaged becaus...more
Vice President, Product Marketing at Braze
I wish I understood how product marketing ideally works. Based on my experience, here's how product marketing teams should work together: 1. A Product marketing lead identifes a goal. The three goals are usually to create pipe, mature pipe, or close deals. 2. The PMM will select a target b...more
VP of Marketing at Brandfolder
Some random thoughts in no particular order: *  The importance of prioritization and how to say no: you will be under constant barrage for requests from all angles: the ceo, sales, CMO etc... These requests will range from the silly to the idiotic and you will never be effective if you...more
Head of Product & Partner Marketing at Qualia
Nothing (literally nothing) is more valuable than sitting in on as many prospect / customer calls as possible. It’s the only way you’ll truly understand your buyer and what makes them tick. The rest flows from that. Other than that, make sure you can get at least one launch under your belt as ...more
Head of Product Marketing at Samsara
Salespeople are NOT your customers, they are team members: This will change how you look at your marketing strategy and deliverables. It is fair to say that the content product marketers develop will be consumed, used and delivered by sales. However, the content should resonate with your prospect...more
Group Product Marketing Manager at Codecademy
Two things I wish I knew: * The importance of building trust and establishing good relationships * My unique capabilities/value as a PMM and how to communicate that to my partners In the beginning of my career, I think I over-indexed on producing a good work product and tried to influence ...more
Head of Product Marketing at Forethought
Everything! But really...I was pretty clueless. I wish I knew how product marketing works with sales, customer success, product, and core marketing to be successful. I wish I knew to spend time asking questions and getting as much information as possible before starting a project. I wish I kne...more