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Director of Product Marketing & Research at Liongard
The interview process typically consists of a phone screen, followed by a formal interview. We'll ask candidates to share recent work they've done related to the role they are interviewing for. Depending on the role, we may also send over samples of product marketing materials for them to share t...more
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
There's a standard interview process then exceptions. The standard is pretty consistent across most companies with some variation.  Standard You'll meet with a recruiter for the first phone screen. Then the hiring manager (me), others on the PMM team and our executive leader - some of these w...more
GTM Lead at Benchling
There is no one universal interview process as it varies by company. However, you can be sure of certain commonalities:  * there will be numerous interviewers who assess your skills and often times it will be a cross-functional team. This is only natural because Product Marketing is such ...more
Director, WW Services Marketing and Portfolio Management at Lenovo
I learned a lot in the past 2 years hiring and building a team. I am passionate to empower a mindful and vulnerable team culture. It was important to make sure we have diverse perspectives and bringing teams together who challenge each other and bring the best in each other. Our core beliefs and ...more
Director, Product Marketing at Vertafore
We don’t see very many experienced product marketing candidates. Typically we are speaking to early stage candidates with general marketing experience. As a result, we are trying to determine familiarity and aptitude. We like to discuss understanding buyer personas and how to use them, value prop...more
Head of Product Marketing, VR Work Experiences, Oculus at Facebook
We’ve set up an interview system to vet through soft and hard skills. Some of these skills are:  * Influencing others * Working with data * Working with others (team work) * Industry/customer expertise Each candidate must also do a case study, generally a roadmap recommendation exercise...more
VP Marketing - Product Marketing at IVANTI (former employer)
Candidate screening by the People success department. Written Q&A with samples request. First interview including specific questions to determine Product Marketing aptitude, personality fit and potential. Second interview is generally a panel interview. The candidate is set a task in advance t...more
Director of Product Marketing at HubSpot
As a 100% distributed company (see this answer []), our interview process is basically the same for all roles. Given our distributed natur...more
Head of Product Marketing at HackerOne
Great product marketers drive demand for your products and ensure long-term success with your customers, so it’s vital to make sure you’re asking the right questions in interviews. I usually lead with three questions:  1) “Describe each of the products at your previous company.” A question lik...more