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Head of Product Marketing, Advertising Cloud at Adobe
Great question. When creating buyer personas, you’re ideally using data from current, prospective, and churned customers to create archetypes of your buyers. The goal is to understand more about your customers, design better products, create better marketing programs, and arm your sales team with...more
Head of Product Marketing, Advertising Cloud at Adobe

Scrappy tip: If you can go to a conference where a lot of your clients, or prospective clients will be - bring an ipad and get a bunch of people to survey/ and talk to you.

Head Of Product Marketing at SignEasy
Mary's answer is very good, and comprehensive, and many would do well to simply follow it. For those who enjoy a slightly more spirited debate on the nuances of persona development, I'm going to disagree on a few finer points (in the spirit of sparking a robust discussion!). First, where I absolu...more