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Senior Product Marketing Manager at IBM
Work closely with the highest performing sales reps to understand how they're pitching the product. They typically have "road tested" a bunch of different approaches and have figured out what works already. Take the best sound bytes and incorporate it into your script. The best part about this ap...more
Head of Product Marketing at Scale AI
* Tie to your Pitch — that your combined pitch and demo tells one cohesive story. Tell-show-tell. Tell = pitch where you describe the value of your solution. Show = demo where you demonstrate the capabilities that align to your value. Tell (again) = summarize and connect the value...more
Head of Product Marketing, Jira Align at Atlassian
In my view, a demo should talk directly to the persona you are dealing with. This means you need to tailor the flow to address that persona’s key challenges, needs, and the situation they live in. I am not a big fan of super-scripted demos. Every salesperson or sales engineer will have their own...more