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PMM Sr. Team Lead (Trello) at Atlassian
As stated above, PMM wears so many hats it's important to recognize what is needed at any stage of a company. When first coming into an organization as the first PMM I think the most important thing to do is establish what does and doesn't exist. I think this is the right order of things that sho...more
Head of Product Marketing at Zapier
At Zapier I approached this by starting with a mission statement to describe why our team exists and the work we aim to uniquely do for the company: “PMM exists to maximize Zapier’s market opportunities by (1) clarifying where we win and (2) driving GTM strategy for product success.” I then defin...more
Senior Director Product Marketing at Homebase
Every company and every growth stage is different so the evaluative framework you utilize needs some flexibility. I recommend that your framework is developed in tandem with your partner stakeholders early on and is communicated often. A reliable framework includes a clear organizing principal, i...more
Head Of Marketing at osmosdata
This can definitely be a challenge whether you're the first or tenth PMM at a company. I'm a fan of working backwards from the customer, rather than starting with an idea for the product team or from the sales team. From there, I like to ladder needs/deliverables up to team goals and business goa...more
Head of Product Marketing at Hopin
As mentioned before, product marketing is one of the most cross-functional roles of any in most companies. And as such, you’ll be getting requests for projects and deliverables from every angle. The first thing I try to understand is: what responsibilities fall under me vs. another team (ie: is t...more
Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Florence Healthcare

I love this idea since PMM never work in isolation and the requests are non-stop. Would you be able to share any of your pillars? Do you categorize these by department or functional area as your organization defines Product Marketing's role? 

Head of Product Marketing at Hopin
For sure! The pillars that my team covers for PMM are Core PMM (aligned to different product areas), Enablement (focused on areas like CI, buyer personas, and high level product enablement for the sales team), and Industries and Solutions (how we go-to-market to specific industries or by specific...more
Group Product Marketing Manager at Coinbase
First, I listen. It's important to understand in depth why these needs/deliverables are being asked of Product Marketing. What is the underlying problem? How can Product Marketing solve this?  Then, I assess company goals and revenue by product. The Product Marketing function is meant to suppo...more
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Instacart
Only a few weeks into my current role, I’m living this one in real-time! For myself, I’ve created the following approach: Listen → Set Expectations → Execute → Close the Loop. For prioritizing needs/deliverables, I spend as much time as possible listening and understanding what is most pressing f...more
Director of Product Marketing at Sourcegraph
I generally use a modified version of the Eisenhower Matrix [] (I just learned the name). On the spectrum of "not urgent to urgent" and "not important to important," you should prioritize the deliverables/needs that are both urgent and imp...more
Product Marketing Lead - Enterprise at Miro
I'm going to talk about my experience at really early stage companies, at this point, everyone is doing everything, so the priority is to create some strcuture to help every get aligned on the same goals. When I’ve been the first Product Marketer, or only one establishing the PMM function the fir...more