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Director of Product Marketing at Quantum Metric
Enablement, sales leadership, and a spectrum of reps. If you sell to the enterprise, you need to be in lockstep with the sales org. It's critical to have open, honest, and frequent conversations with these parties. This gives you a barometer for what is and isn't working in the field. PMM needs t...more
Director of Product Marketing at HubSpot
I've had developers and marketers directly on my reporting team in the past and our consumer marketing organization now has a centralized engineering team in the division. We're not a traditional marketing organization in many ways, and relatively "young" compared to the rest of the company (see ...more
VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
Product Marketing works closely with the following teams most closely: Product Management - to partner on new product/feature launches, messaging/positioning, analyzing customer usage adoption, collaborating to drive usage, discuss customer needs and roadmap prioritization, etc Sales Enableme...more
Vice President, Product Marketing at Braze
We work with a ton of teams! The closest teams are product management, content strategy, campaigns, sales, and our internal creative agency. After that, we work with digital strategy, SEO teams, engineers, UX, AR, PR, external agencies, social media teams, and more.  Product Marketing truly...more
Director, Product Marketing at Vertafore
There are two teams we work with very closely. We work with product management and have fixed alignments so that an individual product marketer can develop relationships with a product team and experience with a set of products. We also work very closely with demand generation on the marketing te...more
Head of Product Marketing at HackerOne
Our product marketing works cross functionally across the organization from sales, customer success, marketing, product and business development. No team better understands the questions your customers are asking than your sales team. Spending time with sales will help build customer empathy and ...more
Product Marketing Manager at Spendesk
Product marketing is by nature a cross-functional field and lies at the interaction of business and product. We work closely with almost every team in the company, but more predominantly, we work with product, sales and customer success. Product team collaboration: We work together on building n...more
Director, WW Services Marketing and Portfolio Management at Lenovo
Our PMM team is part of the CPO/product organization and work closely with Product Management, Marketing, and Sales.   PMM is a very collaborative role and we get included in different projects based on the business need across customer success, technology alliances, sales operations, sales engi...more
Director of Product Marketing & Research at Liongard
At Liongard, the product marketing team works closest with product management, product education, marketing, sales, and account management. We are organically splitting responsibilities and relationship ownership based on interest and skills for our product marketing teammates. For example: one ...more
Senior Director, Product Marketing at
A PMM has one of the most cross-functional roles in most organizations and developing those strong relationships with key stakeholders is critical. The teams/people i work closest with are: 1) Product Manager / UX designer / engineers - together in this product pod, we build the right product ex...more
VP Marketing - Product Marketing at IVANTI (former employer)
The Product Marketing team works shoulder to shoulder with their Product Management counterparts. They also have a close working relationship with the sales enablement team and corporate marketing team (Analyst relations, growth marketing, PR, social, etc) Many of them also nurture Sales and SE ...more
Vice President, Global Enablement at Salesforce
Other than the three I mentioned above, PMM also work with demo teams (to coordinate / align on demo needs for SEs/marketing videos, etc.), industry overlays (overlays for key verticals focused on providing industry expertise), CSG (CSM, renewals, and sales enablement for product/industry/solutio...more