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Learn the Four Steps for Designing Sales Playbooks That Win Deals How to Create Killer Sales PlaybooksSales playbooks are delivery mechanisms that reinforce all of the investment made in sales process, content, messaging, systems and other training. Download your free guide and discover: - Best practices for creating Sales Playbooks - The ABLE methodology - four steps for designing Sales Playbooks - Why Sales Playbooks work for increasing sales effectiveness - By following the ABLE steps laid out in this guide, you’ll get your first sales playbooks up and running in no time. Get your complimentary copy of the research report now

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Pg 2 - Introduction to Sales Playbooks Pg 4 - Why Sales Playbooks Work Pg 6 - Step 1: Assess Pg 8 - Step 2: Build Pg 10 - Step 3: launch Pg 11 - Step 4: Evolve

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HOW TO CREATE A KILLERSALES PLAYBOOK INTRODUCTION TO SALES PLAYBOOKS You’re a quarterback and you’re down by five points. It’s fourth and goal at the seven yard line with 13 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. You need a touchdown for the win—you need a play. A series of questions enter your mind:Have I seen this situation before? Do I have the right personnel on the field? How might the opponent respond? What play should I call? This is when you rely on the playbook prepared by your coaching staff for this very game, before making your next move. Like a game-day playbook to a quarterback, digital sales playbooks can provide the pivotal next move to a salesperson. They can shorten sales cycles, increase win rates, ramp up new salespeople, bolster deal sizes and optimize overall sales performance. In other words, they help salespeople win. Sales playbooks are a collection of your organization’s sales processes supported by the content, tools, messages and strategies a sales team needs to close business at each stage of the buying process. They provide salespeople with the guidance and situational coaching they need to advance and win deals. And they can be developed for any recurring selling situation in which you want to drive repeatable behavior and remain agile. A winning sales playbook consists of a series of “plays” that are based on what’s proven to work in previous sales engagements. 2How to Create a Killer Sales Playbook DELIVER THE RIGHT CONTENT FOR THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITY AT THE RIGHT TIME In business-to-business (B2B) selling environments, sales managers and their teams are bombarded with a multitude of tools, content, methodologies, training guides, territory plans, pipeline reviews, curve-ball prospect questions, objections, competitor analysis and a myriad of other material and systems to help them sell better. They attend sales methodology certification classes and sales kickoffs and receive coaching strategies from managers or subject-matter experts, often retaining only a small fraction of what was thrown at them. The experience is similar to taking a drink out of a fire hydrant. While each of these resources has the potential to improve a salesperson’s performance, the challenge is giving them a way to access the right resource at the right time; aligning to individual buyer needs—just when they need it to sell. The sales enablement experts at CSO Insights once addressed this pressing challenge, “ If you are going to invest in training your salespeople, then the follow-up processes need to be in place for their managers to ensure that the training is being applied consistently and effectively by the reps in their daily workflow, so that it becomes ingrained into how they sell. Failing to do so will minimize the ROI your company sees from your training investments.” Sales managers must make sure their team can take all the sales training, tools and content available and apply each consistently and effectively. What’s missing is a “smart” delivery vehicle that serves up whatever information is needed at the right moment in the sales cycle. A sales playbook can make order from the portal, content and tool chaos that exists in most organizations today, as well as give a salesperson the confidence he or she needs to make decisions about their next steps. Just like the quarterback who relies on a playbook to play his best game, sales professionals can have confidence in their sales playbook as a proven guide on how to engage and execute with prospective customers in specific selling situations. Check out our infographic for more 3 How to Create a Killer Sales Playbook