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Free ebook: How to Create Killer Sales Playbooks: Four Steps for Designing Sales Playbooks That Win Deals

Learn the Four Steps for Designing Sales Playbooks That Win Deals How to Create Killer Sales PlaybooksSales playbooks are delivery mechanisms that reinforce all of the investment made in sales process, content, messaging, systems and other training. Download your free guide and discover: - Best practices for creating Sales Playbooks - The ABLE methodology - four steps for designing Sales Playbooks - Why Sales Playbooks work for incr...Read More

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Pg 2 - Introduction to Sales Playbooks Pg 4 - Why Sales Playbooks Work Pg 6 - Step 1: Assess Pg 8 - Step 2: Build Pg 10 - Step 3: launch Pg 11 - Step 4: Evolve

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HOW TO CREATE A KILLERSALES PLAYBOOK INTRODUCTION TO SALES PLAYBOOKS You’re a quarterback and you’re down by five points. It’s fourth and goal at the seven yard line with 13 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. You need a touchdown for the win—you need a play. A series of questions enter your mind:Have I seen this situation before? Do I have the right personnel on the field? How might the opponent respond? What play should I call? This...Read More