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Free ebook: Predictive Playbook: How to Master the Inbox With Better Outbound Email

Email fatigue is making it more and more frustrating for B2B marketers to engage and nurture prospects via email. According to Radicati, business users sent and received an average of 121 emails per day in 2014, which is expected to increase to 140 messages per day by 2018. But email is a critical channel in cross-channel marketing campaigns. So how can you ensure that your prospects are receiving, and opening your emails? And, how do you s...Read More

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Pg 4 -Introduction Pg 5 - Using Predictive in Email Marketing - Most Commonly-Used Email Types Influenced by Predictive Pg 7 - Predictive Impact: 4 Levers To Improve Email Results - Business Case Example: Waterfall Effects on Email Performance Metrics Pg 9 - How To Build a Predictive-Fueled Email Campaign - 6-Step Outbound Email Campaign Framework Pg 11 - Predictive Use Case Examples - SaaS Security Company Increased Engagement with Predictive - Case Study: Improve Response Rates by 300% Pg 13 - Conclusion

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PREDICTIVE PLAYBOOK: How to Master the Inbox With Better Outbound Email Welcome to the Predictive Playbook Series In today’s digital world, B2B marketers are tasked with major challenges like understanding dynamic customers, increasing pipeline quantity and quality, and boosting campaign ROI. The ever increasing “noise” in the digital space and the renewed focus on marketing ROI has high-lighted the need for greater transparency into you...Read More