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Free ebook: The Definitive Guide to Positioning Your Brand

Stop competing on price and relying on referrals. Define your positioning, claim a point of differentiation and let the clients come to you. Positioning is the absolute core of your brand message and the best way to differentiate your business from lower-priced competition while attracting higher-value clients. But, doing it right can be just plain difficult. We're here to make it easier.

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Pg 4 - What's in a Brand? Pg 6 - The Strategic Branding Process - Brand Strategy - Visual Identity - User Experience Pg 8 - Why Positioning? Pg 10 - What if I just...... - got more clients? - increase my marketing? Pg 12 - A logo is not a brand Pg 14 - What makes us qualified to Position your business? Pg 16 - Action Step 1 - Choose Your Who - Ideal Customer Worksheet Pg 20 - Action Step 2 - Find Your Differentiation - Positioning Worksheet Pg 24 - Action Step 3 - Writing the Positioning Statement - Positioning Statement Worksheet Pg 28 - Action Step 4 - Develop an Action Plan - Positioning Action Plan Worksheet Pg 30 - Action 5 - Validate Your Findings - Sample Introduction Email - Sample Perception Survey Questions Pg 34 - Bonus: Action Step 6 - Write Your Value ProPosition - Value ProPosition Worksheet Pg 37 - Final Thoughts

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The Definitive Guide to Positioning Your Brand Congratulation! You've taken a big steps towards positioning your brand, attracting more, higher-quality clients and attaining the type of differentiation you'll need to truly step above your low-priced competition. Before moving on, take a second to acknowledge that. We've seen companies in a business for decades who never make it as far as that. At RedTrain, we love working with the mover...Read More