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Free ebook: What to Pay for a Sponsored Instagram Post

Feel like you're overpaying for influencer marketing? You're not alone. Whether it's your first campaign, or your 10th, it's hard to know whether you're overpaying for influencer marketing. While 73% of marketers report having budget allocated for influencer marketing, many are still unsure of how much to pay for sponsored influencer content. With hundreds of thousands of data points, we've analyzed our data to show you: -How much to pay Instagram influencers -How engagement and followers impact pricing -How influencer pricing has historically changed

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Pg 1 - Introduction Pg 6 - Post Requirement Pg 8 Engagement Rate vs. Reach: Which is More Valuable? Pg 11 - Celebrities and Verified Checks Pg 14 - Quality of Content Pg 17 - The Value of Free Product Pg 20 - Key Takeaways

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What to Pay for a Sponsored Instagram Post