Free ebook: Customer Journey Worksheet Set

Customer Journey Worksheet Set Want to build a customer journey strategy, but don't know where to begin? These worksheets will get you and your team started with ideas and discussion points for your customer journey mapping. Use unique conversation-starters to identify pain points and recognize the potential in your: Audience — your customer base, from prospect to advocate Data — the information you can leverage and what you still need Content — the resources you use to empower and inform customers Channel — where to optimize your message Download now to start shaping your brand experience.

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Customer Journey Worksheet Set Print this set of worksheets and brainstorm on your customer experience with these discussion points. Cross-channel marketing, 1-to-1 content, and personalized engagement with your customers are the new norm. You’re committed to taking your customers on a meaningful journey with your brand, but with so many potential paths to take, it’s easy to feel like you’re lost in the woods. How can you get started? Use this workbook to establish your current business challenges, identify pain points, and recognize the moments that matter most to your customer and your organization. Start thinking about new ways to look at your customers’ journeys with your brand, and get a new bird’s-eye perspective on how to set them up for success. Get the conversation started with four elements that are key to shaping your brand experience: your audience, data, content, and channels. Get started now. AUDIENCE DATA CONTENT CHANNEL AUDIENCE You want to put your customer at the center of everything, so it’s important to first consider who it is you’re serving, and to whom you’re speaking in your messaging. Get together with your team — or take some time to yourself — and answer the questions about your audience on the next few pages. ALLOW 10 MINUTES FOR THIS EXERCISE. QUESTION 1 Who is your audience? Who does your message reach now, and who else would you like it to reach? QUESTION 2 What do your customers want from you? Why did they seek you out initially, and what keeps them coming back? AUDIENCE (continued) QUESTION 3 What information are your customers missing that you want them to know about? Are they missing out on any great products or services? “ Our vision is to connect all the touchpoints, and move from building databases to cultivating communities.” ANTONIO SCIUTO, EVP CMO AND EBUSINESS LEADER, NESTLÉ WATERS NORTH AMERICA Everyone needs water. Nestlé Waters provides healthy hydration solutions to consumers around the world — but to become customers’ water brand of choice, the Nestlé team must understand and engage its audience. That’s why Nestlé’s leadership uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Social Studio and Advertising Studio to analyze social conversations and engage with customers on the social media platform of their choice. From those real-time conversations, Nestlé moves consumers into personalized, individual experiences across automated journeys, determined with predictive data and carried out by Salesforce Journey Builder. These journeys might include direct mentions on social media, or geofencing push notifications when the customer is near a provider of his or her favorite Nestlé Waters product.