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Free ebook: Salesforce Customer Journey Maps

According to a study from Salesforce, 51% of marketing leaders measure success with revenue growth. Only 22% look at customer satisfaction, and a mere 18% look at customer retention rates. In today’s digital world, that’s a little bit backward. What drives your business? If it’s not your customers, you’re making a big mistake. In a world where a single poor Yelp review or negative mention on social media lives on the web for all eternity, and...Read More

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Blazing New Trails The new customer experience is always on, connected across every digital channel over in-store and online experiences. Every customer’s relationship with your organization forges a unique path to brand loyalty and advocacy. Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology and customer expectation might feel overwhelming, but with some perspective — and seamless, immersive brand experiences from Marketing Cloud — you’ll...Read More