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Free ebook: Marketing Optimization Toolkit: The Science Behind Marketing Analytics

As big data and sophisticated analytics have earned their place in business, their application and utilization is still in its infancy. In this eBook, we will show you how to apply analytics and incremental process changes in key areas across the marketing organization to make large-scale improvements to business outcomes. “More than 50% of marketing executives report their teams have a significantly increased responsibility for growing rev...Read More

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Pg 3 - Chapter 1: Optimizing Marketing Intelligence Pg 5 - Chapter 2: Optimizing Content Development Pg 8 - Chapter 3: Optimizing Content Distribution Pg 11 - Chapter 4: Optimizing Campaigns Pg 14 - Chapter 5: Optimizing Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Marketing Optimization Toolkit: The Science behind Marketing Analytics Dear Readers, Marketers are well-versed in the art and science of optimization. Campaigns, landing pages, conversion rates... these days just about anything that can be tracked and optimized will be. But what about the not-so-obvious practices and assets — areas like content production and distribution, campaign operations and even the alignment of sales and marketing tea...Read More