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The Essential Go-To-Market
Hosted by Yasmeen Turayhi
Whether you’re an early stage startup, a small business owner, or a public company, almost everyone struggles with the same question: What does it take to have a successful product launch? “The Essential GTM show: Tips and Strategies”, produced by Sharebird, is where we offer short video content in interview style conversations with global Product Marketing leaders.
Video: Why customer research cannot be overstated with Director of PMM Jeffrey Vocell from Iterable
October 8, 2021
Video: Understanding customer behavior in GTM planning with former Head of PMM at Opendoor
October 4, 2021
Video: How to drive awareness for a launch with Sr. Director of PMM at Twilio
September 27, 2021
Video: Top takeaways on the GTM process with Group PMM at Coinbase, Adam Weigand.
September 17, 2021
Video: How to drive deeper insights when managing the Go To Market with VP of PMM at Soundcloud
September 13, 2021
Video: The importance of building the right team structure for GTM, with Susan "Spark" Park from Oculus VR
September 7, 2021
Video: How GTM works in other markets outside the USA - with Robert McGrath, Head of PMM at Linkedin
August 31, 2021
Video: How to deal with change in the go-to-market process, with Hien Phan, Director of PMM at Amplitude
August 23, 2021
Video: How you know if your go-to-market process is working with Nina Seth, Director of PMM at Blue Yonder
August 16, 2021
Video: Why product launches are so misunderstood, with Evelyn Watts, lead Product Marketer at RVezy.
August 9, 2021
Video: The Essential Go-To-Market with Cat Origitano at Fivetran
May 17, 2021
Video: The Essential Go-To-Market with Francisco Bram, Global Product Marketing at Uber and Yasmeen Turayhi
May 7, 2021
Video: The Essential Go-To-Market with Amey Kanade, Product Marketing at Amazon Fire, and Yasmeen Turayhi
May 3, 2021
Video: The Essential Go-To-Market with Emad Kazi, VP of Product and Lifecycle Marketing at Kajabi
April 26, 2021
Video: The Essential Go To Market with JD Prater, Product Marketing Lead at Amazon AWS
April 19, 2021
Video: The Essential Go-To-Market with Mary Sheehan, Director of Product Marketing at Adobe Ad Cloud
April 11, 2021
Video: The Essential Go-To-Market Tips and Strategies with Priyanka Srinivasan, Marketing Director, Qualia
April 5, 2021
Video: The Essential Go-To-Market: Tips and Strategies with Alison Murdock
March 25, 2021
Video: The Essential Go-To-Market Interview with Dave Steer, LogDNA
March 22, 2021
Video: The Essential Go-To-Market : tips and strategies with Jane Kim, Head of Product Marketing at Life360
March 15, 2021