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Free ebook: Sales Asset Management: Best Practices for Increasing Sales Productivity

Most b-to-b sales reps are deluged with large quantities of marketing material, which is typically stored in multiple repositories. This makes it a challenge for reps to find the right content when they need it. Many organizations have addressed this problem by building their own asset management tools, which may mitigate the issue for the short term. Implementing a third-party sales asset management (SAM) application can provide a more durable solution for supporting the creation, storage and delivery of sales content, as well as the measurement of sales asset effectiveness. We believe the implementation of a SAM solution is as critical today as contact resource management solutions were two decades ago. This SiriusDecisions Core Strategy Report presents insights and proven approaches for increasing rep productivity with a SAM solution. We discuss the following topics: - Common problems organizations face in managing their sales assets. We describe red flags that indicate a company is experiencing problems managing its sales assets. - Core elements of a SAM solution. We review primary and secondary elements to consider and how the SAM solution should integrate with existing technology. - Managing assets. We provide definitions of the assets that will be managed by a SAM system, describe how to conduct a sales content audit, and explain how to tag sales assets. - Implementation best practices. We describe best practices to successfully deploy a SAM system and ensure long-term success.