Free ebook: 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos

10 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos Social media professionals can all agree that video content is a critical component to furthering their brand’s reach and engagement, but not all of us know how to create those videos. Even those that do could still stand to learn a bit more about how to make those videos more engaging. That’s why Wistia and Sprout Social came together to write this guide that will help you create far more engaging social media videos and will help you standout on social. Download this free guide and you’ll learn things like: Choosing what kinds of videos to create based on your goals. The optimal video length and how to drive immediate engagement. A workflow to write scripts that will resonate with your audience. Download the guide and we’ll send it straight to your inbox so you can start studying and leveraging the full power of videos on social media.

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Table of Contents 01. Why You Should Invest in Videos on Social 02. 10 Tips for Producing Videos that Convert 03. 4 Companies Leading Video Marketing 04. Using Wistia for Video Hosting 05. Using Sprout Social for Video Marketing

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10 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Videos Whether you’re a video producer fielding more and more content requests from your social team, or a social media manager who’s ready to take the plunge and invest in video, it’s important that you have a clear video marketing strategy in place. That’s why Wistia and Sprout Social came together to share our best practices and answer a question we often receive: What makes an engaging video on social media? Table of Contents 01.Why You Should Invest in Videos on Social 02.10 Tips for Producing Videos that Convert 03.4 Companies Leading Video Marketing 04.Using Wistia for Video Hosting 05.Using Sprout Social for Video Marketing Why You Should Invest in Videos on Social A simple scroll through your personal social feed will prove that video is becoming increasingly more and more popular. In fact, every day there are over 8 billion video views on Facebook alone. Here are four reasons why we believe your brand should start investing in videos on social. Video Conveys Complex Information Social media relies on brevity and, when it comes to conveying complex information, you may find yourself running out of characters. If you need to share the release of a new tool, product or feature, it’s easier to show rather than tell. Video is a visual way to communicate with your audience in a clear and concise way. Video Helps Build Rapport Video helps reintroduce your brand to its followers and others a unique opportunity to build a more personal relationship with customers. Better yet, video provides your brand the opportunity to reach new audience members through engaging content. Video Humanizes Your Brand When a fan Tweets at your brand or posts on your Facebook wall, they don’t necessarily expect to meet the person behind the keyboard. Videos help humanize your brand and give your community additional insight into who they’re actually engaging with. This is especially true for social customer care interactions. Video Increases Social Engagement Whether it’s due to one or several of the reasons listed above, on average, videos on social see more engagement than common text updates, links or photos. Since social engagement can help boost your reach, clicks and revenue it’s key to take advantage of video content.