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Free ebook: A CMO's Guide to Account-Based Marketing

A Step by Step Guide to Account-Based Marketing: From Understanding The Basics, To Implementing Best Practice Campaigns. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) enables B2B marketers to treat individual accounts as a market in their own right, driving engagement with target companies and best-fit individual buyers. Focusing on best-fit buyers enables marketers to maximise resources, reduce sales cycle length and improve ROI. ABM activities integrate well with an Inbound Marketing strategy giving organisations an effective way of reaching the best opportunities for long term growth.

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Chapter 1. - What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)? Chapter 2. - How To Implement An Effective Account-Based Marketing Plan Chapter 3. - ABM Best Practice Activities You Should Follow Chapter 4. - An Account-Based Marketing Toolkit Chapter 5. - Account-Based Marketing Reporting Considerations Chapter 6. - Conclusion: Tips For Creating Effective Account-Based Marketing Strategies

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What Is Account-Based Marketing? If we told you it was possible to precision target companies and individual buyers who are the best fit for your services and solutions, you’d be interested right? That’s exactly what an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy offers; precise, focussed B2B lead generation and long-term customer relationships. In an ABM approach, activity is designed to appeal to high yield prospects at a very detailed level, either focussing on best-fit individuals, or at a wider company/organisation level (best-fit budget, location, size etc). There can also be two approaches when considering revenue generation via ABM. In one instance you may be targeting multiple people within a target account who can each contribute increased revenue. Or, you may be targeting a combined panel of individuals, who together will make a single purchase. When aligned with an Inbound marketing and sales strategy, ABM activities give organisations the best chance to secure the very best fit opportunities for solid growth and revenue, and retain good-fit clients long-term. Benefits Of Account-Based Marketing Working to target exact company accounts, and build relationships with ideal prospects within them, others multiple benefits. Companies using ABM to support their marketing approach can: ● Improve marketing & sales alignment ● Minimise both sales and marketing time/resource wastage ● Reduce sales cycle length ● Create more effective, personalised marketing strategies that achieve clear ROI ● Develop stronger relationships with more valuable clients, and so reduce churn How Does ABM Fit With An Inbound Strategy? ABM in itself has been around for a while, and is often known as Key Account Marketing. But while in the past key account targeting has been a labour-and-cost-intensive traditional method of selling to individual prospects or customer accounts, when used as part of an Inbound marketing and sales strategy, ABM technology and tactics can create a valuable account generation, contact and account nurture approach...