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15 Influencer Marketing Use Cases AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT 15 COMMON INFLUENCER MARKETING USE CASES. 15 Influencer Marketing Use Cases ebook By working with relevant influencers, you can focus your promotional, lead generation and social media marketing on the right audiences. Influencers add tremendous value to your marketing initiatives because they are trusted sources for your potential customers. In finding ways to collaborate with influencers to tell your authentic brand stories, you are able to influence buying decisions and more. These are 15 examples of the top influencer marketing use cases and flashcards explaining how to get started yourself.

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15 INFLUENCER MARKETING USE CASES The top ways marketers and communicators have used Traackr’s influencer marketing platform to reach their goals. PRODUCT LAUNCH Define your topic Define the online conversation you need to be a part of using terms your customers would use to discuss your product category. Find the influencers Use those keywords to find the people who are leading the conversation you are interested in and create your influencer list. Engage with a compelling offer Reach out to these individuals with a compelling offer that adds value to their work and helps you earn their attention. Monitor product mentions Monitor mentions of your product that indicate awareness as your campaign unrolls to measure the success of your outreach. How might we generate buzz and drive interest for a new product? AWARENESS EVENT PROMOTION Derive search terms from the event theme Use the event themes or conference tracks to define several lists of keywords that encompass the content. How might we drive attendance and extend an event online? AWARENESS Find people by theme and location Using keywords, find people interested in the theme of your event who can help you spread the word. Geo-target your search to find people near the event venue. Create a referral program Make influencers aware of your event (share hashtags) and offer a discount for their audience or create a referral program to drive registrations (point them to the most exciting sessions for them). Follow activity in real-time Follow real-time when influencers mention your event and promote their content to attendees. Engage during the event and point influencers to content that interests them.