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Traackr A marketer’s toolkit for understanding influence in the customer journeyHelp! Who are my influencers?Influencer Identification / Toolkit Influencer Marketing Platform “How do I find the right influencers to create positive impact for my business?” Hello Marketer! This toolkit will introduce you to a process that helps you find the people who influence the conversations around your brand. It offers you new ways to be creative and strategic about building meaningful influencer relationships, designed with people at heart. The methods explained here are meant to help you structure your process and capture your best ideas. You can try everything from start to finish or just use the methods that resonate with you. “Finding the true influencers and brand advocates on the social web is an absolute joy. Through the conversations they’re leading, I’m able to understand so much more about my clients’ target audiences and their needs. It helps me tap directly into a customer mindset and definitely impacts my approach, not just to social media and content marketing, but to marketing in general. It’s like having an always-on focus group providing actionable, valuable insights, all the time.” Shannon Coulter VP, Digital Atomic Before you begin, take a moment to meditate on this: We trust friends, colleagues and experts more than advertising. Marketers who get this devote time and resources to creating authentic relationships with the people who matter to their business. These people are the ones who influence your customers and shape your industry. In the past, influence was exerted by a select few (analysts, journalists, celebrities). Now, influence is spread out. Your job is to find the most important people for your brand, whether they’re among your prospects, current customers, industry experts or passionate individuals. A people-first approach to choosing the rightinfluencersUnderstand your customers & define your user profilesThe process of finding the right influencers is what puts your influencer marketing strategy into action. It’s a deeply human approach that relies on your ability to be creative, interpret what you observe and develop themes that are meaningful to the people you are targeting—all skills you are well versed in as a marketer. This toolkit suggests a three-phased structured approach. Use it along with other methodologies and processes you find useful to discover the people that matter most to you. Map the customer journey & identify influencer touchpointsDerive topics for each touchpoint & find influencers by topic.