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Real-life Influencer Marketing Insights from 24 Top Brands & Influencers Tatiana BealeOctober 6, 2016TOP INFLUENCERS In the minute it will take you to read the next few paragraphs, a full 300 hours of YouTube content will get created (Statistic Brain). In this frenzied media landscape, customers need content they can trust. And where do they turn for that? Influencers. For our new eBook, Influencer Marketing In Real Life, we did something drastically different. We invited 24 top influencers and brand marketers to lunch to discuss how to improve our shared craft. Conversations took place. Connections were made. Exclusive insights were shared, like how to more effectively match a brand with a set of target influencers. And how to then actually get these influencers to participate and respond to outreach. Included in this piece are some of the biggest secrets discussed that day for cutting through the noise and connecting with customers. Here’s the biggest secret of all: what works IRL, works online. Could influencer marketing really be so obvious? In this eBook, you’ll get a sneak peek at top issues discussed from both sides of the influencer marketing equation including: Part 1: How to Match Your Brand with the Right Influencers Part 2: How to Build Influencer Relationships Part 3: How to Inspire your Influencers to Participate Part 4: How to Deepen Influencer Relationships Here’s a taste of what you’ll find inside: “It has to be fun, and just genuinely interesting. If we’re going to do this - let’s do something remarkable.” Robert Rose, Consultant, Content Marketing Institute [Tweet This] “It will help tremendously if you can clearly define your passion, subject matter expertise, and the audience you would target.” Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group [Tweet This] “You want to know if the audience trusts your influencer, values the content, and whether it (the content) resonates with your target audience.” Andrew Davis, Founder, Monumental Shift [Tweet This] “The thing that inspires me most isn’t the brand: It’s the people who are part of the brand.” Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs [Tweet This] “A person doing outreach becomes instantly more credible if they demonstrate their knowledge of the influencer.” Ian Cleary, Founder, Razor Social [Tweet This] “I feel more of a loyalty to a company that shows they want to build a relationship rather than just drop in for some sounds bites from time to time.” Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Principal, Annuitas [Tweet This] “Shared values and goals are important as well as appreciation for the work, whether it's through recognition, compensation or a combination of the two.” Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Marketing [Tweet This] “Do I know the brand and am I a fan? If the answer is no, I’m happy to listen but won’t associate my name or my company’s to a marketing initiative.” Pierre-Loic Assayag, CEO, Traackr [Tweet This] “There are multiple ways to engage and activate influencers. I'd categorize it in three ways: paid vs. organic vs. hybrid. Each model has its pros and cons” Pam Didner, Senior Marketing Consultant [Tweet This] “As an influencer, my golden rule is: I don’t promote any brands that I normally wouldn’t do business with or buy from.” Carlos Gil, Global Head of Social Media, BMC [Tweet This] “We want deep, impactful relationships with our network of brands over a fleeting relationship with many.” Joe Pulizzi, CEO, Content Marketing Institute [Tweet This] “For long-term relationships, the influencer should serve as an extension of the brand’s in-house team, and should be in the loop on big marketing and communications programs even if they don’t involve influencers.” Jay Baer, President, Convince & Convert [Tweet This]

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Influencer Marketing in Real Life TRAACKR 24 top brands & influencers share exclusive insights to apply IRL principles to your influencer marketing In today’s media landscape, get-ting your customer’s attention online is increasingly tough. Modern customers require trans-parent, legitimate, value-based online conversations and content to trust brands. Where do customers turn for these conversations and content? Influencers. Here’s the dirty little secret of this eBook in a sentence: There’s one essential rule for creating online influence; what works in real life (IRL), works online. Could the secret to influencer marketing success be so obvious? Yes. And now you’re wondering, if it’s so obvious, why does building online brand authority elude so many brands? There’s an obvious answer to that, too. In a single minute, 5 million search queries are performed on Google (Internet Live Stats), nearly 300 hours of video content (Statistic Brain) is uploaded to YouTube and millions of advertisements interrupt customers browsing the web. Breaking this clutter is no small feat. But consumers? They’ve had enough and are taking active steps to avoid the noise. According to eMarketer, nearly 40% of mobile users will utilize ad blocking technology in the coming year. The numbers for desktop ad blocking are worse. In the face of this messy media landscape, agile marketers are trying their hand at influencer tactics to break the clutter. Unfortunately, many of them are finding that influencer marketing is a much more complex strategy than they had originally anticipated. We recently invited top brand marketers and influencers to discuss how brands can find greater success with influencer marketing; how both sides of the influencer marketing coin can improve the craft together. The conversations, connections, and insights discussed that day provided the basis for what’s included in the following pages. Are you ready to unlock some unprecedented influencer insights? Let’s begin. What Works In Real Life, Works Online Preface SECTION 1: Matching Brands & Influencers Influencers and brands on finding a fit Finding a fit on subject matter expertise Finding a fit on matching up your audience SECTION 2: Building Influencer Relationships Influencers and brands on what inspires an ongoing relationship On credibility and deepening relationships On loyalty and maintaining ties in between campaigns SECTION 3: Inspiring Influencers to Participate Influencers and brands on inspiring quality participation On free work versus getting paid On improving strategic involvement SECTION 4: Building and Deepening Influencer Relationships Influencers and brands on the benefits of long-term engagement On working with many versus few brands On tactics for developing long-term brand / influencer relationships Section One Matching Brands and Influencers here are two major ways for brands to earn influence through influencer market-ing; the brand has to take a position as a thought leader and then join forces with industry influencers that align with that position. In the same way an industry expert commands the attention of a huge crowd with an epic keynote, online influencers capture the attention of thousands – some-times millions – of online viewers with a tweet, blog post, or video. And the opportunity for two-way dialogue is exponential online. And just like the event sponsor who promises a full house at all the conferences, your brand should be able to deliver a relevant and mutual audience to an influencer online. Whether online or offline influence is your aim, a keen sense for match-ing brand, influencer, and audience is essential. In the following pages, we serve up insights from top influencers and intelligent marketers on how to match brands and influencers, how to build subject matter expertise over time, and how to select the right influencers for your online audience. Whether online or offline influence is your aim, a keen sense for matching brand, influencer, and audience is essential.