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Free ebook: Influencer Marketing in Real Life

Real-life Influencer Marketing Insights from 24 Top Brands & Influencers Tatiana BealeOctober 6, 2016TOP INFLUENCERS In the minute it will take you to read the next few paragraphs, a full 300 hours of YouTube content will get created (Statistic Brain). In this frenzied media landscape, customers need content they can trust. And where do they turn for that? Influencers. For our new eBook, Influencer Marketing In Real Life, we did something dra...Read More

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Influencer Marketing in Real Life TRAACKR 24 top brands & influencers share exclusive insights to apply IRL principles to your influencer marketing In today’s media landscape, get-ting your customer’s attention online is increasingly tough. Modern customers require trans-parent, legitimate, value-based online conversations and content to trust brands. Where do customers turn for these con...Read More