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Free ebook: Content Marketing Reimagined: How Brands Can Earn Attention in 2016

We partnered with Percolate to analyze the latest research and trends around how people are creating and consuming content. From anticipating new challenges to finding ways you can stay ahead of the crowd, this free guide gives you the insight you need to earn attention in 2016—and into the future.

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Content Marketing Reimagined How Brands Can Earn Attention in 2016 Content Marketing: The Economics of Attention Creating successful content has never been harder. Content marketers operate in a market where the supply of content far exceeds people’s capacity to consume it. These challenging dynamics of attention are compounded by the proliferation of channels on which marketers can publish, distribute, and promote their content. And today’s consumer has become more selective about what content they consume, and when. They have also become co-creators in the vast universe of content, sharing and curating content on digital media. Great content is about more than just clicks and engagement. The primary goal for all marketers is to grow their brand, which they can do by building content ecosystems that unify a single brand identity. By acting as publishers, content marketers inform and delight consumers. They use content to establish emotional connections with their target audiences, thus building lasting impressions. Whether it comes through stellar editorial content, shareable videos, viral social media campaigns, or user-generated content, most successful content marketing campaigns revolve around a robust communications architecture, built on brand and business objectives, that captures attention and builds enduring brand associations. For marketers, the surplus of content means that digital marketing has turned into a battle for audience attention. Your customers' inboxes, news feeds, and phones are continually bombarded with content and alerts. And the constant distractions that surround online activities have made marketing even more challenging by reducing consumers' attention spans to a slim eight seconds. Content marketers need a new strategy for this new marketplace. Content marketing has become about producing more content, doing it at scale, and remaining authentic and personal at the same time. It’s about being everywhere at once. It’s about complexity management. In this report, we will outline how the marketer’s role has changed alongside the content landscape, as well as trends that will dictate the success of a campaign endeavoring to maximize brand awareness. We will then explore trends across marketing channels, and how marketing budgets are shifting to reflect these new priorities. We’ll also examine the how the marketing organization can approach these changes tactically, with the always-on, digitally savvy consumer in mind.