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Good content marketing is about much more than pumping out content for your target market. At its best, it’s about developing a niche you can own. We’ve partnered with the Social Business Engine to produce Volume 7 of the Social Business Journal -- a deep dive on why niches are so important, and how to develop them. It includes case studies from: - AARP - Kabbage - Small Startups that have made a big impact

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The Social Business Journal Volume 7 Winning Through Niche Content Marketing INTRODUCTION It’s clear to me that brands across most industries have wholeheartedly embraced content marketing. According to the 2016 B2C Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report from the Content Marketing Institute, 76 percent of B2C companies use content marketing. In the sister report from the Content Marketing Institute, 88 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing. The rise in popularity in content marketing is tied to the rise in popularity of social media. Simply said, content marketing is an important element of being a social business. Brands can leverage the full potential of social media by curating and creating relevant content that is relevant and engaging to its target audience. Bernie Borges CEO, Find and Convert Producer, Social Business Engine. Content marketing has clearly shown to be more effective than many traditional forms of marketing. A study from Share through found that consumers are 52 percent more likely to look at native ads because they’re integrated into the content feed. When compared to display ads, the feed makes the ad more relevant to the consumer. That same study found that content marketing delivers 54 percent more leads than outbound marketing. Inbound strategies have been found to double website conversion rates, and about 36 percent of companies have said that their content marketing strategies are either “very effective” or “extremely effective.” But while businesses are on board with content marketing, the industry is placing intense focus on ROI and measurement. It turns out that, now that there’s more content than ever before, it’s getting more difficult for brands to attract their target audience and convert them into customers. A stunning report from Kapost found that upwards of $958 million are now being wasted each year on “inefficient and ineffective content marketing.” A large reason for this is that most of the obvious low-hanging content fruit has been produced and, according to the report, brands are wasting significant funds producing redundant content that doesn’t stand out. We're also seeing content marketing performance decrease. A B2B content marketing benchmark study found an 8 percentage point decrease in effectiveness --from 38 percent in 2014 down to 30 percent in 2015. Many marketers attribute this to the lack of clarity “on what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like.”