B2B SEO - Why You Need to Fix Your Website

July 25 @ 4:00PM PDT
Andrew Seidman
Andrew Seidman
Digital Reach

Your website has to be built to please two audiences - users and search engines. Google's goal is to view your website as much like a user as possible, but there's still a pretty wide gap between what makes sense for a user and what makes sense to the search engine. How can you make sure your website is optimized for both? Why should you even care?

On Tuesday, July 25th, we’ll show you what really matters - how to prepare your website for all types of digital marketing, classic pitfalls to avoid, why it all matters, and how to tie your website improvements directly to revenue.

During this Web Clinic, our Head of Operations Andrew Seidman will cover:

  • Why you need to fix your website
  • How to address SEO, SEM, Link Profiles, and more
  • Common pitfalls to avoid


Plus, don’t miss our live SEO analysis of member submitted websites, so be sure to submit your website during the Web Clinic! 

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