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Head of Product Marketing at Samsara
PMM is about product and sales success so your OKRs should align with company, CMO and product OKRs. However, I think these 3 serve as a good  "PMM OKR template" 1. Build a POV and become the hub of market intelligence: Think of this as all PMM programs: Competitive intel, Voice of Customer...more
Product Marketing Lead - Enterprise at Miro
In general, OKRs can become quite vague and hard to measure for PMM. However, the OKRs I’ve seen that are easier to measure are: 1) Successful and ontime product launches. This means the product launch was able to happen on time with all cross functional teams trained up prior to the product laun...more
Vice President of Product Marketing at SoundCloud
Tricky question! To be honest, OKRs (Objectives & Key Results) are HIGHLY context- and business-specific, so there isn't such thing as "good OKRs for PMM" in the abstract. You should be aligning PMM OKRs to the OKRs at the company level. And keep in mind that they are all about business transform...more
Head of Marketing, IoT at Twilio
The short answer is it depends. Let me explain...  A product marketer, in my opinion, is like the CEO of a product. And just like a CEO, has to do whatever it takes to make the company (in this case product) successful. Hence, she/he should be measured on what is relevant and what matters in t...more
Group Product Marketing Manager at Lyft
OKRs are really important to keeping teams focused on driving the most impact for the company. At a Product Marketing OKR level, it often depends on what the company goals are for that particular time period. If the company is going after a new market or focusing on customer retention, that's goi...more