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Director of Product Marketing at Zendesk
Ah, Sales Enablement. In my opinion, one of the MOST important pieces of a launch.  I have no shortage of tips, but for the sake of time, I'll keep it to four...  1. Align with sales leadership early on your enablement plans and make sure they're a part of the planning process. This will he...more
Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
First and foremost it is critical to make sure that Sales has plenty of visibility into what product is building, timelines around availability, and how PMM plans to take it to market (what tier/priority is the launch). For any Tier 1 or Tier 2 launch, PMM should align with Sales Enablement on ...more
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Twilio
Because Twilio is an API-First product, getting the technical folks up to speed is a huge part of what makes us successful because they are the ones interacting with our main buyer, developers! This is a little different than a B2B launch. Generally though, there are three pillars to how I think ...more
Head of Product Marketing, Jira Work Management at Atlassian
I was lucky enough to manage a sales team at my previous role and hopefully can provide some insight here that were informed by that experience. But, it may be a bit controversial! I'd say that most sales enablement campaigns deliver: * Competitor battlecards * Product feature talking points ...more