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Senior Product Marketing Manager, AWS at Amazon
Product Marketing sits in a highly cross-functional area of the organization. The relationships with Product, Sales, and Marketing are crucial to foster and ensure you get right. This is not an easy tasks and it is never really done. Establish recurring syncs and opportunities to align on big pro...more
VP of Product Marketing at Clari
Building diverse working relationships with different stakeholders across the organization is one of the most critical secret powers of a successful product marketer. Doing that not only gives you access to information and knowledge, but it will also help you collaborate more effectively on major...more
Vice President, Global Enablement at Salesforce
For B2B sales, based on my experience, I would say its the following (1) Product (2) Sales/SEs and (3) Corporate Marketing.    Product: because well you need to know about the "product" in product marketing!  Sales/SEs/CSG because they will be your first customers and users of your products...more
Head of Product & Content Marketing at Mixpanel
Product and Sales are always the biggest, at least at B2B companies. The one that matters more depends on whether you’re in a product-led or sales-led organization. There’s no circumstance in which you can neglect one of the two, but when you need to make hard tradeoffs about where to spend time,...more
Senior Director, Product Marketing at
A PMM has one of the most cross-functional roles in most organizations and developing those strong relationships with key stakeholders is critical. While there are many relationships you have to develop, I believe the top three most important relationships to cultivate and get right are: 1) Prod...more