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Head of Product Marketing at Quantum Metric

Create a lot of content - start a blog, write about companies you admire/respect, do videos, create Slideshares. My instinct is that a sales person could be a great PMM fit but I want to see how they write and think.

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce
I made the switch from Sales to Product Marketing at my company a year ago. I actually wrote about this topic here [] . Here's my quick take: -Product tea...more
Head of End-User Marketing at Airtable
Some of the best product marketers I know started in sales roles, but it can be hard to make the jump from sales into marketing. As a salesperson, you know first hand how messaging is landing with prospective customers, what the needs of those customers are, and where your product wins and where ...more
Senior Director, Marketing at Zafin
I spent over five years in my career as a top producing sales rep before breaking into product marketing. The thing I made sure that I could prove how valuable my background in sales could be to the role. As a sales rep, I know what it was like to have valuable material that was easy to use and u...more
Head of Product Marketing, EMEA & LATAM at LinkedIn
Prove your passion for the customer. Demonstrate how you've set out to understand their needs and challenges, and how you solved them in your past roles. The importance of messaging and positioning in your day-to-day, and how that's driven success is another angle to call out. If you're breaking ...more