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Director of Product Marketing & Research at Liongard
The product marketing team sits under the broader product team--which includes product management, partner success, product education, and our team. We report to the Chief of Product, and currently we are a team of three people. We're hiring a Product Marketing Manager [https://jobs.smartrecruite...more
Vice President, Product Marketing at Braze
In my org, I have leads for each product or solution that I manage. Currently, I look over our core Sales Cloud and Partner Relationship Management products. I also am driving are solutions strategy, having launched three solutions last year.  Each lead in turn manage a cross functional group ...more
Director, Product Marketing at Vertafore
Product marketing lives in the marketing organization, reporting to the CMO. We are divided into two teams each managed by a director and each supporting three product organizations. Marketing itself includes brand and communications, demand generation, events, sales enablement and product market...more
Head of Product Marketing at HackerOne
My product marketing team consist of 3 product marketing managers and I also have Customer Advocacy and PR & Comms reporting into me (in the interim). But, I have to admit the set up has worked really nicely. I have the pulse of the external communications and PR messsaging that's resonating in t...more
Director, WW Services Marketing and Portfolio Management at Lenovo
undefined [] We started our PMM team with 1 in 2015 and grew to 12 in 2019 as the company grew to over 1000+ employees. As business needs shifted in 2020, we have distributed the product marketing team into GTM and PMM teams. GTM team within the Marketing org...more
Head of Marketing, Google Maps Platform at Google
I structure my team to allow everyone to fully own a business and to make it easier for them to operate. Each member of my team owns: * A particular portfolio of products  * A buyer persona This allows them to specialize and also get deep into understanding the stories and messages that would...more
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
A healthy ratio of PMM (product marketing managers) to PM (product managers) is 1:2 or 1:2.5. One PMM to support 2-2.5 product managers is a good goal.   Today we have a team of 8 but are hiring to get to 10 people immediately: 7 PMMs, 2 CI (competitive intelligence), 1 AR (analyst relations)....more
Director of Product Marketing at Appcues
@Natalie Louie [/profile/natalie-louie] I know the AMA is over but quick question if you get a moment. How does the team balance the distribution of product and industry/persona. For example, one PMM has product X and Y and focuses on the SaaS industry. What happens when their products touch othe...more
Senior Director, Product Marketing Strategy at Zuora
@Anand Patel [/profile/anand-patel] Once we start running campaigns across industries that touch many or all of our products - then we cross-collaborate. Some of our solutions we GTM with also require cross-collaboration as many or all our products or personas also are incorporated. We assign are...more
Director of Product Marketing at Appcues

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