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VP Product Marketing at SalesLoft
Pricing & packaging changes have big impacts across the organization - sales, marketing, product, customer success, renewal, sales/revenue ops, systems, etc. You need to make sure you have strong executive alignment from the C-suite on problems that you are solving for and process to research and...more
Global Director, Product Marketing at PayFit
A few key learnings: 1. Involve your cross-functional partners as early as possible. The worst thing you can do is come up with a new strategy, but Sales or Account Managers don't believe it. They will usually end up not selling it or using it as a discounting lever. 2. Make s...more
Principal Product Marketing Manager at Intercom
The big one....where to start?! Creating your company's first well-researched pricing model is quite different than making a big change later on, but I'd say some of the same advice holds: * Alignment is CRITICAL! Any change in your pricing, especially in SaaS, absolutely must involve every ...more
Head of Marketing, Cloud Enterprise at Atlassian
Great question! Pricing is something that's never done, since you'll have to keep updating it over time (as your products evolve, the market evolves, or due to competitive moves). A few key things I find useful when working on a pricing change: * Setting up your approach to how you will develop...more