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Senior Product Marketing Manager, AWS at Amazon
As often as possible. Launches are exciting for all departments - so questions and input can definitely start increasing the closer you get to GA, launch date. To help with this, create opportunities to communicate your launch plan to each team. Tailor the message to your audience as Sales will h...more
Director of Product Marketing at Zendesk
Hey - Thanks for the question!  Short answer - Early. and. often.  Get stakeholders in a room early on and set the cadence with them. We use a RACI model at Zendesk when it comes to ownership and development of launch assets. Set this and then decide when you want folks to review. My take i...more
Group Product Marketing Manager - Solutions at Intercom
This is a great question. Managing stakeholders is such a huge part of the product marketing role - and it can quickly become unweidly if not managed properly. I think the cadence is really personal to what kind of lead-time your team has running up to a launch and the size of your teams, etc. B...more
Director of PMM at Ironclad
There is no one-size-fits-all here; this depends on the size of your company (the smaller it is, the easier it will be to keep everyone on the same page) and scope of the launch (the smaller it is, the less necessary it is to get everyone together). What's most important is to set a cadence up-fr...more