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Product Marketing Lead, Square Point of Sale & Directory at Square
The competitive set is defined by your audience, not you. And it changes all the time. At Square, we compete against anything that enables anyone to participate in our economy, not just other POS companies. The "Jobs to be Done" framework is helpful here - anything (tool, company, resource) that ...more
Head of Product Marketing at Ramp
This one is tricky because I think there's a tendency to want to boil the ocean and do everything for every competitor. Some combination of market research and competitive win/loss analysis should help you create a few different tiers of competitors. My rule of thumb is no more than 3 competitors...more
Head of Product Marketing at Retool
I think competitors are important, but developing your own unique perspective of who you are, what makes you different, and who you serve is 10-100x more important. A short-ish anecdote: I used to work at AdRoll, which helps small businesses advertise on Google, Facebook, and everywhere else (...more
Senior Director, Head of Product Marketing at Audible
Thanks for asking this question. The exercise of defining your competitive set is a critical, but at times under-emphasized aspect of conducting research. There are three primary modes for competitive research: 1) optimization, 2) growth and 3) exploration. 1) Optimization is the most narrow mod...more
Head Of Product Marketing at SignEasy
Interesting question about how I define "compeititor" in and of itself. I tend to look at competitors as barriers that keep people from buying the product I'm selling. Sometimes its a comparable product, sometimes it's an alternate type of solution and sometimes it's nothing at all. The question ...more
Head of Product Marketing at Amplitude
Here is the competitive intelligence mission statement I've used for several years (repeat from previous post but will add more detail).  “Define ourselves based on problems we solve and value we provide, not your competition. But also equip ourselves to stand out from competition and win agai...more
Director of Product Marketing at Webflow
"Competitor aware, customer obsessed" is something that I've internalized when thinking about competitors. Competitors are a good thing - it validates your space, your product-market fit and the market opportunity. The key is balancing the focus on competitors and the focus on customers. It can b...more