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Director of Product Marketing at HubSpot
As a fully distributed / remote company, we operate slightly uniquely than other companies - the two biggest differences are 1) we don't use email and 2) everything by default is public to the entire company. Instead of email, we publish everything on our intranet, which is naturally powered by ...more
Product Marketing at Fire TV (Smart TVs) at Amazon
1. I create custom marketing dashboard daily reports ahead of every product launch. (Google analytics/Periscope/Tableau Daily Reports, don't have a specific preference as long as the right metrics are reported to all stakeholders on a daily basis during the launch period) 2. I hate and love Asan...more
Vice President & GM, Global SMB at Braze
1. Google Sheets 2. Slack and Email My personal perspective (and I know this is not a popular opinion) - keep project management tools as far away as possible from your product launches. There are very few product launches that are so complex that a well-organized plan in Google Sheets can't d...more
Director, PMM - Support & Platform at Intercom
In the past we've used things like Google Sheets/docs, but for the past 18 months or so we've started using Coda [] and it's been a game changer. We do all our launch planning in Coda, which means there is one 'source of truth' where all stakeholders can see progress, timel...more
Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cameo
I wish I could say I have some secret weapon tool that's truly magical, unfortunately, I am just a Google Docs power user. More broadly, I should say that keeping stakeholders engaged comes more from a tight operating cadence than just a tool. This boils down to: 1. Have a clear goal and vision....more
Chief Marketing Officer at Zeplin
There are 3 that I couldn’t live without: Total Project Manager (TPM): This is the “quarterback” of the launch, they own the master launch plan, ensure dependencies are captured, establish alignment & drive accountability. When I was at Salesforce, we assigned a TPM for Dreamforce every year fro...more
Senior Product Marketing Manager at VMware

What does DACI stand for?

Chief Marketing Officer at Zeplin
Hi Kelly, DACI stands for Driver, Approver, Contributor & Informed. It's a framework that can be used to make decisions & move work forward, super useful for a product launch. There is a short & useful Medium article on it here [