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Director of Product Marketing, Udemy for Business at Udemy
The key thing for messaging frameworks that are shared with your org is know your audience. As PMMs, we are often creating different messages for different audiences. When you share your framework, be clear on how to use the messaging, and for whom the messaging is created for.  i.e. Whenev...more
Vice President of Marketing at Albertsons Companies
I believe in promoting a very collaborative environment where the best information is always shared and used to inform the different workstreams. At Uber we create one source of truth document, called the Marketing Brief. This brief can be shared with every stakeholder in the organization but is ...more
Founder & Chief Marketer at Trusted CMO -

This is great. Is #15 simply the people who will be reviewing and signing off on aspects of the campaigns? 

VP of Product Marketing at Unbabel
We are in the process of creating an internal messaging hub, where all of our messaging will live. This hub will be on our Confluence site (which is what we use as our internal Wiki for the org). Our goal is to host all of our messaging docs on that hub, and give everyone access to it as a "Singl...more
Operating Partner at Unusual Ventures (former VP PMM @ Okta)
I've always been in the product team, so that's the most natural interaction for me. For PM, we'd collaborate on how to position new products. We built a spreadsheet that had product pillars>concepts>key features>'feature rank'>feature flags, price. You may be asking, 'what's a feature rank' a...more
Founder & Chief Marketer at Trusted CMO -

This is helpful though-- keeping the messaging available for review inside a framework is key. Speaking from experience, If you ever tweak your positioning, you need a way to go back and find this stuff. 

Manager of Product Marketing at Bonfire Interactive

I really like the Citrix model of feature rank! Thanks for sharing. 

For positioning and messaging, do you typically fill one of these messaging doc templates for each audience? For example, user vs. manager vs. C-level?

Director of Brand and Product Marketing, at Twilio
We find it helpful to have a single messaging document that everyone in the company can access. It goes through our mission/vision/description all of the way down to messaging segmented product, customer type, and industry vertical. A shared document enables all of the teams to be on the same pag...more