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Zoom has already been mentioned, so I will give my other favorite which is Genndi. Really great tool and not too expensive! All the features met the needs that are need by my international and domestic team.  Additionally, We us this for our weekly meetings [
Co-Founder at Scoot Insights - Agile, Efficient, Effective.

I've used Gotowebinar, Blue Jeans and Zoom.  My favorite is zoom - user-friendly, better layout.  I also like Gotowebinar - I've had no problems with either of these. Blue Jeans can get a little fussy to use!

Product Marketing Manager at Facebook

Did you use Zoom for their video calls in addition to their webinar software? Thanks for responding! 

Product Marketing Director at
Zoom seems to have become the standard in Silicon Valley enterprise companies recently. I do like Zoom and recommend it. The prior standard, GotoMeeting, unfortunately has suffered from a serious lack of investment and is no longer a professional-grade product, in my view. I get better performanc...more
Head of Content at Clearbit
I've really enjoyed using Livestorm [] for webinars. They have an integration with Hubspot and have been steadily improving the platform. Also think it's great that attendees don't have to download anything. Zoom has been great / better for non-webinar use cases - video ca...more
Senior B2B Copywriter at Freelance
+1. I love Livestorm! They are a super attentive team and they enabled us to change the format of our webinars from dry, we're-talking-at-you sessions to fun, interactive sessions. I also realy like their sign-up landing pages. We ended up having much higher conversion rates than with Go-To-Webin...more
VP, Product at Barracuda Networks
I've used Cisco/WebEx, BrightCove and On24 over the years. They are all decent and are all good enough for most organizations' needs. On24 was the slickest with the most bells and whistles. It integrates with Marketo - not sure about Hubspot, but I would assume it does as well.   Incidentally, ...more
Product Marketing Manager at Facebook

Thank you so much for answering, Mike! I hadn't checked out On24, but I'll look into that one too. 

Director of Product Marketing at HubSpot
It depends on what you'd like to accomplish - Zoom is great for video because you can shift between a very personal feeling like showing all participants on video, to more formal broadcasting with focusing on you as a single speaker or spotlighting an entire panel. I don't think Zoom's chat funct...more