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Head of Product Marketing, Advertising Cloud at Adobe
There are 2 major questions here - one has to do with priorities changing (e.g. no strategy) and the other is indirectly about out of control roadmap timelines - I'll answer both below!  Priorities changing Major Roadmap and priority changes are often a symptom of a weak strategy. It’s comm...more
Director of Product Management, Speech AI at Cisco
This is a good question and I have seen this especially happen when the market analysis, customer problem identification and prioritization is not done correctly. Product launch won't be successful because how will you know if you have messaged and positioned the product correctly - aka solving t...more
Group Product Marketing Manager at Codecademy
I think PMM is the perfect function to initiate this because you sit at the intersection of both teams. What my team usually does is work with Product to inform the product roadmap, then once that is settled (or in parallel) we develop a product marketing roadmap for the quarter which includes al...more
Head of Product Marketing at HackerOne
As the CMO of the product, product marketing should take the lead and make sure the teams are aligned. This may require you to set up a meeting with Product Management (and perhaps other leaders across the busienss) to discuss the shifting priorities and align on a path forward. Map out the impac...more